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Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection

Don't stress over a leaky pipe! If your water bill is higher than usual or you aren't getting the same water pressure you once did, you might need the leak inspection services from the professionals at DrainArmor. Offering accurate plumbing inspection services, our professionals can diagnose the source of your problem and provide a prompt fix through our DrainArmor Liner. Don't allow a leaky pipe to damage your home or business. Contact our professionals today.

Pipe Inspection

Non-Invasive Leak Locating

When you suspect that you have a leak somewhere in your home, give the professionals from DrainArmor a call. Through the use of thermal imaging, we are able to find excess moisture anywhere in your home or business. By efficiently and accurately determining the precise source of the leak, we will save you both time and money. Once we determine the source of the leak, we offer a quick repair. Most of the time, we are able to repair leaks in the same day.

Camera Inspection

If you have a clogged pipe and are unable to determine the exact reason why, our friendly plumbers have just what you need. By utilizing our high-definition sewer camera, we are able to inspect a clear line to diagnose the precise point of your problem. Whether caused by excess debris, tree roots, built up grease, or more, we are able to accurately pinpoint the problem and offer an efficient fix to get your pipes flowing properly again. We'll perform spot repairs, and rehab your entire pipe through the use of our DrainArmor Liner. Contact us today for fast and efficient services.