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Our professionals are the masters of inexpensive, non-invasive sewer line repair and maintenance, including our effective sewer line seals and water jet cleaning. Other companies will require extensive digging and landscaping work—costing between $15k and $25k just to fix a damaged line! Our costs start at just $5,000, and our solution is designed to be jointless, meaning it doesn't have weaknesses that roots can intrude into and destroy. Instead, we only dig into one spot on your property. We insert and feed a special epoxy in two parts, calculating how to push the liner into the pipe with air, then filling the pipe with a specialized bladder to fully seal it. 

Pipe Cleaning

Water Jet Cleaning

In addition to comprehensive seal repairs, we are also able to inspect and fix buildups and blockages using a combination of a cable machine, also known as a snake, and our high-velocity water jet. Water jetting completely cleans any pipe that it's applied to! Should your pipe be too damaged to properly clean or seal, we are happy to provide full replacements for interested customers.