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After two sewer main clogs in my home over four weeks, three MAJOR plumbing outfits in the New York City area all agreed that my sewer line had collapsed and that I needed to replace my sewer line - at a cost of $15,000 to $25,000. Yet none could provide any evidence that the sewer main had actually collapsed. Billy from DrainArmor was able to diagnose the problem within 10 minutes - and verified that the sewer main had NOT collapsed, saving me $25,000. And he did it all on a Saturday and Sunday too. I highly recommend DrainArmor. Billy knows his stuff!
- Maria S., August 20, 2017

The guys at DrainArmor Lining are amazing. They answered the phone and had a crew there the same day. They found the leak and fixed it faster than I thought possible. Thank you!
- Barry & Amy S., New Rochelle, NY 

We had a backed up sewer pipe two nights before my son's birthday party and DrainArmor Lining had no problem coming out at 10 at night to clear and scope the pipe they found the main sewer pipe was no good, so they came back the next day and the DrainArmor crew Lined our broken sewer staving our landscape and son's birthday party. "The DrainArmor guys were phenomenal."
- John H. M., NY

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